Who, exactly, is the boss of your life and your money?

Fabulous Life Conference – MANDEVILLE

For many of us, complaining about the boss is a way to deal with stress. However, have you stopped to consider that regardless of where you work, you are actually the boss of yourself and your money? If your money is not feeling the way it should, and you really, really, really believe that it is because the boss will not pay you what you are worth, then stop reading. If, on the other hand, you are ready to accept the notion that you are the one that determines your worth, then join us for this week’s journey into your greatness.

Cleo, author of The PersonalExcellence.co blog writes, “During our work hours, we serve the vision of our employer or our business. We manage a huge plate of responsibilities, learning the best strategies and practices, getting training, and immersing in the company culture – all to meet the end objectives of the company. What if – you start viewing our life as your company?”

Tanya Powell, a certified leadership coach from the John Maxwell team and guest speaker at the recently held Fabulous Life Conference shared this idea with the audience at the Liguanuea Club. “You are the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your life. You are 100% responsible for your life; its happiness; its wealth and health. You choose the Executive Officers, also known as the people who will support and help you the best way they can throughout your life.”


Now what exactly does that mean for you? How can this way of thinking improve how your money is feeling? Powell shared strategies with the Fabulous Life Conference audience for a road map to empower your thinking. Here are the steps:

 Create your vision – just like the company you work for – what is your mission? What do you want to be remember for?
 Build your team – who is in your life that will build you up? Do you need to change your friends or add new ones? Do you need to hire a coach? Do you need to speak to your financial advisor more frequently? Would attending conferences like the Fabulous Life Conference in Mandeville this year improve your network of contacts?
 Develop your plan – Who can help you chart the plan for your personal goals?
 Navigate your journey – Each day is a step towards completing your goals. Do you know what those steps are?

Another important trait of a CEO is is that they respect the power of money. Do you? If you are currently stuck in a job you hate because you need to pay the bills, you are not acting like a CEO because you have given away your power.

CEO’s, according to Powell, also understanding the power of marketing. And we then ask the question, “What makes You different?” Each CEO knows what their personal strength is. What makes them valuable to the market so that people will pay for their talents. What makes you valuable?

These are a lot of questions to take in. Yet, they are important. Knowing your vision, your team, your plan, your journey, respecting money, knowing your talents are all hallmarks of a chief executive officer.

You have ultimate power over your mind. Are you giving this power away? If so, how does that make your money feel?

Remember, you don’t have to go it alone. There are counselors, advisors, coaches and conferences that can build your self esteem and give you the tools to step into your greatness.

Dennise Williams, MBA (Banking & Finance) is a Journalist, TV Producer, Certified Practioner NLP Coach and has 15 years experience in the financial services industry. You can see more of her work at www.youtube.com/financiallyfocused.

Fabulous Life Conference – MANDEVILLE

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