Why aren’t you making more money? Join us on Saturday, July 29th to find out.

Dear friend, are you satisfied with your income? And if you are not, where do you turn for guidance?

Is it that negative voice in your head?

Do you often find yourself saying these things?


  • I’m not as good as [that person].
  • I’m a fraud. I don’t actually know what I’m doing.
  • I’m not creative.
  • I’m not different.
  • I’m not that great at selling.
  • I don’t like asking for money.


The mental and emotional ‘mountain-sized’ limitations we place on ourselves can really hold us back from achieving on-our-own-terms success.

Allowing subconscious thoughts about not deserving success to sabotage our hard work, is not only easy to do, it can occur for years and years without us even realizing.

We may even be facing anxiety about the right decision to take.

Let the financial self beat up stop now.

Do want a time out to explore your true self and how you can turn your talents into treasure?

Is being in a relaxed setting for a few hours just the boost you need to discover ways to earn more money using your unique gifts?

And how about listening to guest speakers who have been in the trenches and stepped out and made a pathway to profits for themselves – would they add value to your financial education?

If you answered yes to any of these, join us on Saturday, July 29th from 10am to 2pm to explore INCOME IDEAS.

In this workshop, we will first explore who you are.  Are you an extrovert, an introvert or somewhere in between?  What does that mean financially?  How can you stay financially focused given your personality?  How do you embrace your personality and profit?

Then, we will hear from Dino Hinds who has created the MFS Group of Companies which includes a gas station, a micro financing company, a chemical manufacturing and wholesale company as well as owning several beauty salons.  He stepped out of corporate Jamaica and discovered that his passion was managing and leading.  Then there is Venice Irving.  After teaching English in Japan and Korea for 8 years, she has, for the last several years, created a platform to certify and place Jamaican teachers in Asian countries.

Finally, we will consider YOUR pathway.  What are some of the ways you can reach within, pull out the greatness you find and earn more money?  That will be the objective of the day.

So register right now and join us on the pathway to profits in the INCOME IDEAS Workshop.

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