Anxiety triggered BY MONEY, is never ABOUT the money.

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When we are triggered by money we BLAME money for what we are feeling. When we are in blame, tension, anger, resentment, guilt, shame … we are not open to receiving the gifts and new possibilities that are being presented through the opportunity.

We also unconsciously fall victim to the situation and give our power away.

When we shift our perspective (mindset) around money and open to different possibilities – profound shifts can happen – and they can happen FAST.


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It’s time to put a stop to the “not enough” thinking and start believing that you can have more than enough. That’s what the Fabulous Life Conference is about.

Want to know if this is for you?

  • Do you know you have limiting beliefs/negative attitudes surrounding money that you need to give up?
  • Feel stressed about money even when you have it? (It’s never enough).
  • You secretly wish money didn’t even exist! OR you didn’t have to “work’ for a living! (I can soooo relate to this one)
  • Feel irritation around money or feeling like you are being taken for granted because of the money you have
  • You’ve caught yourself feeling guilty and not buying something because it’s just too expensive?
  • Bills are paid, food is bought and you have money in the bank… but something is still stressing you out about that money?
  • You’re working towards self-growth already. Growing your own personal evolution towards your life, and even your money… and, it’s time to take the next step.
  • You’re always up for more! You just want to have some fun and enjoy the Conference!

We are ready to enter the next stage of your empowerment with you!!!!



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