You have as much money as you think you should have

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So do you think you deserve more money? Do you think you have enough money? The answer to both is probably no. Then the next question is, how much do you think you should have? Or rather, how much power do you have to get more?

And while we all have the power to buy a lotto ticket, I am speaking about the day-to-day effort required to get more money.

Many of us think it is our employer’s responsibility to give us more. Younger folks might think it is their parents’ responsibility. Quite a number of people have another target (a sugar daddy or sugar mama) that is responsible for giving them more money.

The uncomfortable truth for many of us is that the only person responsible is the one we see in the mirror. So, if your money is not feeling well, then it’s your fault. If your pay cheque is not at the level you wish it to be, then you have as much money as you subconsciously think you deserve. Every decision that you and I have made led us to the current financial situation we face.


Psychologists call it a self-fulfilling prophecy

Self-fulfilling prophecy is a term introduced by the American sociologist Robert Merton. It describes what happens when an individual acts on the basis of an expectation. He may actually influence whether an incident will take place (or not) by creating the very conditions he believes exist. So, a self-fulfilling prophecy is where you can think that bad or good things are on their way for you, and lo and behold — they show up.

So either we create the situation we fear the most, or we take steps to create the situation that we want.

Let me ask you:

• Is your self-talk positive or negative?

• Do you believe you can talk yourself into success or failure?

• What actions or inactions are you taking or not taking?

• What actions will you take today that will either positively or negatively affect your self-fulfilling prophecy?

• Do you know what you want and where you want to go?

• Do you know what it will take to get there?

• Are you willing to do what it takes?

• What’s motivating you to move forward?

• What’s preventing you from moving forward?



Get your tickets today! 

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You may have to go somewhere quiet and go through this list to take hold of the prophesy you have created for yourself. It is very hard to let go of thought patterns that have been burned into your head from childhood and get over any negative experiences in your life. Yet, I believe that you can do it. You can have a positive life and get the results that you want.

Here is a sample prophesy from Bob Lynch at

I will live a long, healthy and prosperous life. I will be my own boss and have the ability to work when and if I want. I’m finding there are many ways to work from home and I am able to earn a living wherever I am in the world as long as there is an internet connection.

So now it’s your turn. How are you going to write a successful script for your life?

You may want to engage the help of a trusted friend, a financial coach or your financial advisor.

Drop me a line and let me know how it works out.

Dennise Williams, MBA (Banking & Finance) is a journalist, TV producer, certified practitioner NLP Coach and has 15 years’ experience in the financial services industry. You can see more of her work at


Get your tickets today! 

Enjoy early bird pricing!

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