Your money and state of mind — Are you a winner?

On this fine day, how is your money feeling? The answer will most likely be based on your state of mind. And so the next question will be, do you feel like a winner? If[…]

Are you hearing, feeling or seeing money?

When you think about your finances, do you hear the sound of a cash register? Perhaps you can feel the cheque in your hand when you think about money, or do you envision yourself holding[…]

Are you speaking empowerment? Elizabeth Terry can help change your life

At the Fabulous Life Conference on May 5 & 6 at Eden Gardens Wellness Resort & Spa, we have a fantastic line up of speakers who can help make your life simply better.  Be sure[…]

Your 2017 accountability coach – Nadine Sinclair

Ready to transform your life? Ready to GO BOLD? Ready to dream big?  Well, meet Nadine Sinclair.  Co-leader of the Jamaica branch of Women’s Prosperity Network and CEO of What’s Next? Go Bold!  Mrs. Sinclair[…]

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